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Susan DixonConflict within families is stressful. Highly charged emotions often stand in the way of making decisions that work today and for the future. That’s why it’s important to find a Lawyer who can find an even ground and create a proactive strategy that works best for you. The Law Office of Susan T. Dixon;  B.A.  M.S.W.  LL.B.  can do just that. Susan Dixon’s 26 years of experience in family law, along with a Masters Degree in Social Work, makes her uniquely qualified to understand both the legal and emotional issues experienced during the difficult period of separation.

Toronto Family Law Lawyer

The Law Office of Susan T. Dixon, B.A. M.S.W. LL.B. in Toronto, Ontario, was established in 1988, following practice at the Toronto Firm, Shibley, Righton and McCutcheon. She is licensed to practice law in Upper Canada, Ontario.

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